About your Water Meter About your Water Meter

Meter Reading

Water meters for all properties in all water route groups, aside from groups 99 & 0 (generally Mount Isa residential & all of Camooweal) will be read on a half yearly basis.

Water meters for all properties within water route groups 99 & 0 (generally Mount Isa non-residential properties) will be read on a quarterly basis.

Reading Your Meter

Residents are encouraged to check their meter periodically to monitor their consumption, this can be as simple as checking your water meter every day, week or month. 

The dial on your water meter is where you will find how much water you have used. The black numbers on the white dials are the kilolitres (kL) used. The white numbers on the red dials are the litres (L) used. Once the red dials reach 1,000L it will add one to the white dials (kL)

Our Meter reader only records the Kilolitre numbers

This diagram shown reads 2,345 Kilolitres.

The red dials can assist in identifying water leaks. If they move when there is no water usage on the property then you may have a leak and should contact a plumber for a full inspection.

If you think the meter reading on your account is not consistent with your Water Meter or you think there has been an error our dedicated Customer Service Team can assist on Phone: 07 4747 3200.


  1. To Check for Leaks you will need to turn all taps off tightly and make sure no one will be using any water on the property for at least one hour.  DO NOT turn the tap off at the water meter as this will not give you any results.
  2. Locate your water meter and write down the numbers shown.
  3. If the numbers on the far right are still moving with all the taps turned off there might be a leak. 
  4. After one hour with all the taps turned off, check the water meter reading again.
  5. If the readings have changed you will then need to contact a licensed plumber to located and repair the leak.

Water Meter Accuracy Test application