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Council Staff Members Recognised for Decades of Service

Council has warmly congratulated two long-standing staff members for their combined three decades of service to the community.


Leslie Edenborough is the Sexton at the Sunset Lawn Cemetery and began working for Council in October 2009 as a labourer and truck driver in the Parks and Gardens crew.


After working on the crew for a number of months, Les was transferred to the Cemetery Maintenance operations, where he’s practised his passion for making the cemetery neat and tidy and assisting visitors to the facility ever since. He became Sexton in November 2012.


Les likes to take on any challenge that confronts him and has never waned in his enthusiasm and passion for his work. Les has always said that it’s an honour and privilege to be involved with assisting and supporting families to lay their loved ones to rest.


“Les certainly has a passion for the work that he does, and it’s a unique type of work, because you don’t really walk away from the job – it’s there 24/7,” Council Director of Engineering Emilio Cianetti said.


“People come to the cemetery looking for loved ones, a lot of people from out of town come to visit friends and relatives, and Les is always available.”


Mayor Joyce McCulloch said Les has a big heart and thanked him for the excellent work he does in the community.


Editha Cunanan is Council’s Senior Finance Officer, a position she has held since 2015.


She started working at Council in November 1999 as an Administration Officer in Finance and Information Services, as it was then known.


She later took on the role of Records Officer, and then moved into Support Services for Revenue officers in 2002, becoming a Revenue Officer in 2003 and Finance Officer in 2009. 


Editha has always gone above and beyond to assist others wherever she can. She is courteous and approachable and is always willing to offer her help and assistance whenever needed.


Council Chief Executive Officer Sharon Ibardolaza said she and Editha have worked closely together since Mrs Ibardolaza began at Council as a Finance Officer in 2008.


“She always brings a smile to work and I’ve seen first-hand her commitment to the organisation,” Mrs Ibardolaza said.


Cr McCulloch said Editha is an absolute joy to see in Council and she’s a great mentor to junior staff members.


Cr McCulloch thanked everyone and said all Council staff members work hard to make things happen for the community.