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Council to Transform CBD Site Into Community Open Space

Opportunities and potential abound for a former shop on Miles Street and Council is open to suggestions from members of the public as to what they would like to see there.


At its October 9 Ordinary Meeting, Council decided to acquire the former Harvey Norman site, on the corner of Miles Street and Grace Street, which was damaged by fire two years ago and has been vacant ever since, and transform it into a vibrant and practical community space.


The site is about 2024 square metres in area in total.


“While it has been an eyesore in the Mount Isa CBD for a couple of years, it’s a fairly large corner block and there is so much potential for that particular site,” Mayor Joyce McCulloch said.


“In the near future, we will demolish the existing structures there and afterwards present the community with two potential concept designs for an open-space area.


“We will then ask for feedback from locals about which potential concept design they would prefer.


“All constructive feedback would be very welcome, as it will certainly assist us in creating the ideal amenity that will be of most benefit to locals and visitors alike.


“I’m excited to see what sort of ideas residents come back with.

“As a Council we are really looking forward to seeing something great for the community happening on that site, as it’s in such a prominent location in the CBD.”