Recording your Usage Recording your Usage

Keep an eye on your water useage to help detect leaks and abnormal readings:

Working out your Usage

2505,095 LITRES (New Reading)   

- 2496, 675 LITRES (Previous Reading)

8,420 LITRES OR 8.420 KILOLITRES has been used

Water Meter Accuracy Test - Download the application

Locating your Meter

Knowing where your water meter is important. In an emergency, such as a burst water pipe on your property, you may need to turn off your water at your meter to prevent wasting water and damage to your home and belongings.

Water meters are usually located just inside your front property boundary. The meter is usually located within 600mm of the side boundary and 600mm inside the front fence line. In older areas, the meter may be in line with the hose tap at the front of the house.

It is important that owners maintain access to water meters. If required, Council will send a letter to residents requesting that they maintain the area around the meter.

Using your Meter to Identify Leaks

Identifying leaks on your property is easy and could save you a lot of money. Council has put together a simple guide to help you identify any leaks on your property:

  1. Turn off all taps on the property before going to bed. Make sure you switch off any automatic appliances that also use water (e.g. garden irrigation, dishwashers, washing machines, evaporative air-conditioners).
  2. Take a meter reading, making note of the black and white numbers.
  3. Minimise water usage overnight.
  4. Check the meter again the next morning to compare the reading. If the meter is reading higher than before the test, then you may have a leak.