Replacing Water Meters Replacing Water Meters

When your water meter has been identified for replacement it is considered to be at the end of its life cycle. Water meters are mechanical devices and like all mechanical devices they wear with age, we routinely replace water meters and valves when they are nearing the end of their life cycle.

Water meters are replaced at no additional cost to the consumers helping to ensure reliable water infrastructure for our customers.  A representative, who is a licensed Plumber, will visit your property to carry out the work.

In most instances the meter will be replaced in the same position as your existing water meter.

It is not necessary to be present when the work is being completed, water will be turned off in order to replace your meter, interrupting water supply for less than an hour unless unforeseen circumstances occur during the replacement. 

What Should You Do When Your Water Meter Has Been Replaced

Following a water meter replacement the plumber will leave a "Meter Replacement Docket" in your letter box which recorded the meter reading of the old meter, it is recommended you keep this reading for reference and cross check it with your account. 

Following the meter replacement disturbance of soil and pipes during water meter replacement may cause temporary discoloration of the water for a short period.