Resources for Sports and Recreation Resources for Sports and Recreation

On this page are downloadable resources for sport and recreation clubs and associations to assist with everyday management.

Yearly Grants Planner

The Yearly Grants Planner is designed to assist clubs to plan ahead when it comes to grant writing. It entails information about what grants are available when and the amount of funding available.

Download the Planner

Club Planning Tool

The Club Planning Tool is a guide to plan for short and long term goals of the club. By setting goals early and analysing what is needed to assist the club, the committee can reduce their workload and ensure all of the club is working toward these mutally agreed upon goals.

Download the Club Planning Tool

Grant Writing Guide

The Guide to Grant Writing aims to provide practical advice to Sport and Recreation clubs about researching, applying for and successfully receiving grants and funding.

Download the Guide to Grant Writing

Grant Writing Requirements - have you considered the following?

This simple 1 page flow chart shows you what to consider prior to applying for grants. Keep this on hand to avoid delays and have a greater chance of success!

Download the Grant Writing Requirements flow chart

Marketing Guide

The Guide to Marketing focuses on all elements of the marketing process giving clubs and associations all the information they need to have a successful marketing strategy and plan.

Download the Guide to Marketing

Volunteers Guide

The Guide to Volunteers aims to assist clubs to manage their volunteers effectively, reduce volunteer turnover and boost overall numbers.

Download the Guide to Volunteers

Other Useful Links for Non-Profit Organisations