Water Supply Water Supply

The Mount Isa Water Board is responsible for the supply of quality bulk water to industrial customers and Mount Isa City Council.

The Mount Isa Water Board is responsible for storing and treating bulk water for the region, overlooking the supply of water from Lake Moondarra and pumping from Lake Julius when required.

The Mount Isa City Council then distributes the water to your property via an extensive network of pumps and pipes. Regular testing is conducted to monitor the quality of your drinking water throughout the entire supply network.

It is our job to ensure that the water that pours from your taps meets the requirements of the Public Health Regulations and Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. 

We have a team of Licensed Plumbers who are continually updating and maintain our water pipes throughout the city. If you have a leak within your property it is your responsibility to notify a plumber to have it repaired. However if you notice a leak on the footpath or road please contact Council on 07 4747 3200 or our on call plumber,  out side of office hours, on 0428 981 724.

For more information on Mount Isa’s Water Supply, please visit the Mount Isa Water Board website.

Water & Wastewater  Performance Report 2015/16

Water & Wastewater Performance Report 2016/17

Water & Wastewater Performance Report 2017/18